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Birthday, with a side of basic

2010 February 24

Little D is about to turn 3. It’s coming in less than six weeks and has suddenly perched itself right at the very top of my to-do list, reminding me of my days as a young fiancee, always seemingly stressed about “planning the wedding”.

I am not sure when the phenomenon really took flight, but kids’ birthdays take the cake when it comes to special occasions nowadays. This being LA, we’ve seen backyard pools filled with balloons, real-life petting zoos that come to you, even celebrity appearances (for the right fee, of course). Loot bags resemble awards show swag bags. Cupcakes come in towers higher than most birthday girls. And entire amusement parks are rented out to accommodate 20 or so screaming three-year-olds, and their messes, in private birthday bliss – that they will never remember.

My fondest birthday memories as a child always entailed a chocolate cake (no idea where it came from), 5-10 friends around the dining room table, party hats in place, and maybe a bucket of chicken, if my parents were feeling especially loving. I don’t remember the decorations. I don’t remember the canapes. And I certainly don’t recall any live performances.

So I’ve decided to bring it back to the basics this year. We’ll be celebrating in a park (one in Beverly Hills that requires reservations in advance, but nonetheless, a park). I am going to forego the $100 Alice in Wonderland-inspired cake creation we got last year for something a little more basic, a la Betty Crocker (it was 1 of 2 cakes we celebrated with, and $60 of it went straight to the trash). And the entertainment will likely just be a pile of sand toys and soccer balls, because Little D has shown some serious skills in that regard and who am I to squash the burgeoning talents of a toddler?

Simple pleasures, easy details, a basic, but beautiful birthday bash. Totally fine with that, and Little D will be, too.

Now if only I could wrap my head around some basic invitations. Every girl’s gotta have her weakness, right? Will tackle that one next year.

In 2009, we let them eat cake. Serious cake.

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  1. August 22, 2011

    great cake

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