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Perspective on ice.

2010 February 16

You know all those times you plop your little ones down in front of the TV, just so you can read/talk on the phone/paint your nails? Or when you put them down to sleep just a little earlier than usual, so you can sip your wine in peace and bitch about your day with your husband, without having to censor your complaints?

Well, today was one of those days.

Woke up to a “crisis” at work and when Little D ran from her nanny’s arms into my office, pleading with me to get her her milk because only “mama can do it,”, I led her right back out, firmly telling her that mommy was on a call and perching up the little red sign we designed to keep her out of work’s way when I am on a call, on deadline, etc.

And then I logged on to Twitter for my hourly dose of mindlessness and came across a new blog post from @LaylaGrace.

Layla is a two-year old in Texas, struggling through her final days as she fights cancer. She is a warrior, no doubt, but it’s her mom who truly shines in her latest entry entitled “Sleep, Valentines Day and Regrets”, which you can read at

Not posting this to put a damper on your day — exactly the opposite. Posting it so you will laugh a little louder at your kids’ jokes today, give them that extra cookie when they ask for it, and tuck them in tighter tonight. I certainly know Little D will be smothered with love today, and tomorrow, and the next day. Until another “crisis” comes up and mama needs another shot of perspective. On ice.

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