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‘Tis the season…for slacking?

2009 November 30

I don’t know what it is about this time of year, but along with my regular “I see everything through sparkly, frosty, white Christmas lights” outlook, I have indulged in a serious case of slacking off. A little at work, a little more at blogging, and a whole heck of a lot at parenting.

We typically pride ourselves on steering a pretty tight ship with Little D. Everything in serious moderation – a little TV, but only once in a while; she’s never sipped juice but chugs milk and water happily; animal crackers are treats around here (mainly because I am hoping to save her from a life of being a slave to chocolate like me and the diabetic generation before me).

But for some reason, this year, as soon as the sleigh bells started jingling (which is basically the day after Halloween nowadays), all I cared about was that Little D enjoy the season – and all its vices – to the fullest. Cookies for breakfast? Please do. Staying up late to watch the Grinch? By all means. Heck, she could ask for a swig of my eggnog and rum and I’d probably give in.

Is it that last stretch of 2009 that is just making me lazy as I gear up for 2010? Is it the idyllic concept of ensuring my little girl loves absolutely everything about the holidays as much as I do? Or is it just what happens after two and a half years of this gig as we naturally realize that “picking your battles” sometimes means not going to war at all?

Who knows. All I know is that if Santa wants to keep his eye on anybody around here this month, he may want to aim his gaze a little higher.

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