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2009 September 17

One of the biggest realizations after becoming a mama for the first time (besides that it’s effing hard, your hair falling out in clumps is normal, and yes, you really will never sleep soundly again) is that you spent too much damn money on too many stupid things. So here is my “worth it/not worth it” list from life with Little D so far, for all you mamas about to embark on this crazy ride for the first time (I think this will be an ongoing topic, FYI, so please throw in your two cents – ha ha. No pun intended):


– The crib; it’s the focal point of your nursery and though cheap “modern” designs are everywhere these days, I still prefer the old-school expensive ones. The quality just shines through, even when Little D is teething on the rail.  She rocks Oeuf, FYI, and truthfully, it’s thanks to my mom and dad.

– Wall decor; Little D came about when personalized letters became all the rage, so we promptly jumped on the bandwagon, but frankly the cheaper options practically spelled out Canal Street. Found ours, the quintessential version, at Petit Tresor, and haven’t seen a set that compares on any other wall yet. And I don’t doubt their “vintage” cool will be hot when she’s a teenager, so it’s an investment.

– Green baby products; I was aghast when I found out that baby powder, for the love of god, is no good for babies! Switching to all-natural products for Little D, no matter the cost, has become a must in our house. Just spent $18 on bubble bath tonight, in fact, and I can hear her toxin-free giggle from here as daddy suds her up.

Crib? Mucho dinero. Bedding? Not so much.

Crib? Mucho dinero. Bedding? Not so much.


– The car seat; yes, safety is a must, but you don’t need the Rolls-Royce of Britax models when the $100 cheaper version is just as cautiously cool. No one notices what’s in the back seat, anyways, your tints should be too dark. If they are not, re-apply.

– Onesies; it was love at first sight with me and Petit Bateau but I quickly realized that at $20+ a pop, Little D could poop and puke on the ones from Old Navy just as happily. Save the savings for fancy dresses and the like, once they can strut their stuff like a true little Gisele.

– Bedding; at close to $300 a set, this was one new baby must-have I just couldn’t bring myself to have. And I’m glad, after seeing how many times we wash, bleach, and re-wash her sheets. There’s a reason why Dwell does them at Target now for less than $50.

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  1. September 18, 2009

    Great stuff — we’re with you all the way — for us it’s been shocking how little we’ve had to buy as our friends had so much barely used cool stuff that they insisted we borrow.


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