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Twinkle, twinkle little Kanye

2009 September 8

There is this trendy children’s store in one of Westside LA’s trendy malls that makes these personalized CDs using your kid’s name, whatever it may be – Jack, Jenna, Jeremiah, whatever. So each happy, fun sing-a-long song speaks to them directly – “This song is for (insert your kid’s name here)” – designed to illicit giggles from your little one for the seemingly endless hours you spend in your car, navigating this bumper-to-bumper town’s clogged arteries. These CDs have become as standard a new baby gift as the Aden and Anais blanket in LA, practically handed out at the Cedars Sinai Labor & Delivery exit to all of the city’s newest angels, including Little D.  But we don’t always do what we’re told. I popped the disk in as we headed out for a playdate one day, but despite the excitement over the giraffes and hippos adorning the kid-tastic cover art, neither Little D nor I tapped a toe. You see, when we’re mellow in our house, we brood to Coldplay (man, she DOES have it good that Gwyneth – have you SEEN them live?) or Wilco, when we’re silly, we sing along to Boom Boom Pow, and when we’re pumped – and we’re pumped more often than not – we crank it to Kanye. And this isn’t a mama controlling the dial thing, Little D’s sticky fingers man the playlist just as often, frequently accompanied by a “Can you make this song LOUDER, mama?” hollered from the backseat. So while “Twinkle, twinkle Little D” might seem like a top 10 hit for a 2-yr-old, we’re much more likely to tune into “Go on, brush your shoulders off” in this neck of the woods – and lots of little toes will be tapping, I assure you that.

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  1. your neighbor permalink
    September 10, 2009

    Since I’m FB-less these next few weeks, I’m itching to “Like” something. And this I “Like”! You’ll find us mellowing out to 311’s “Amber”, which is usually requested by O since he was two when we came back from Hawaii. And you may have heard me mention before that our five month old is a Tribe fan as well =)

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