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Houston, we have a problem…

2009 September 4

So, as mentioned in an earlier post, we’ve hit a bit of a roadblock en route to parenting nirvana. Little D is almost 2.5 and for the past few weeks, she has been very reluctant to take her nap. She will hang in that little 11 sq. ft. stylish sleeping sanctuary (courtesy of Oeuf) singing, reading, jumping up and down, anything BUT sleeping. Now we all know one of the first cardinal rules of parenthood is “sleep when the baby sleeps” but now that we are past the sickening sleep deprivation phase, it’s “catch up on life while the baby sleeps”. To some, that means folding laundry, dusting, paying bills. Love that, very sweet. To me, it means read the new issue of Vogue in peace, watch last night’s Rachel Zoe Project on your Tivo, and catch up on Facebook. This isn’t just much-needed “me” time. It’s my chance to think back to those days when I would spend Saturdays (all day – like noon to 6 – because I used to wake up at noon so that was all day) curled up on the couch watching season after season of Sex and the City for the 114th time, in absolute bliss. Those days when I could go for coffee, and spend two hours there, talking about nothing and everything all at once with my sister over a duo of non-fat chai lattes. Those days when I could read a book. Really read a book. And no, not some “Confessions of a Shopaholic” crap, I am not THAT flakey, despite what you may think. But now, with the great nap strike of 2009, I can’t even fake a version of my former life. So now you see my dilemma. And they think healthcare is a problem these days…

September issues. Not yet cracked. Do you see the severity of the situation now??

September issues. Not yet cracked. Do you see the severity of the situation now??

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