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The bubble

2009 August 26

Living and breathing in LA is a struggle in and of itself. Doing it as a young mom is a straight-up war. In this neck of the palm trees, 2 carats is the norm, pre-school costs more than university (at least what I paid for it, in Canada), and the ONLY diaper bag de jour is Gucci. You may be able to get your daily fix of decent fashion, celebrity sightings, and some of the best restaurants in the country with a babe in tow, but you’ll pay for it by competing with Brooke Shields for a spot in that coveted pre-school, have to push through paparazzi during drop off, and have your nanny stolen straight from under your nose on the playground – because someone else promised her a C-class. We all know what Gwyneth did, she crossed the pond. Wonder if she ever looks back…

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